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Hi, this is my blog where I ruminate on tech stuff and media I consume. Trying to keep it clean.

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Review: The New Mutants

I had all but forgotten they were doing a movie based on Chris Claremont’s New Mutants before theaters shut down in the Spring of this year. The teaser trailer made it look like a psychological horror/slasher film, but wasn’t as mockable as the “fuck Batman” grimdark treatment of Titans, so it quickly passed from myContinue reading “Review: The New Mutants”

What’s the Jimmy Jams

I am updating to make an update about… not updating. Jeez, is this LiveJournaly enough yet? I had intended to make a blog post about my experience with macOS Catalina, but I’ve been wrestling with potentially taking online courses in the Spring, finding things to self-study if that doesn’t pan out, and lack of motivationContinue reading “What’s the Jimmy Jams”

Return of the Mac

It had been several years since I spent any significant amount of time using OS X. This was at my last job where we used the dreaded Apple Configurator to manage iPads as shared devices for K-12 because our organization wouldn’t pony up for an MDM to manage its non-Chromebook devices. The process entailed hookingContinue reading “Return of the Mac”

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